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Library resources for History students.

Pick a Manageable Topic

It can be tough to pick a research topic! Here are some ways to get started:

  • Use one of the reference databases below. Like Wikipedia, each of these databases help you understand a topic, but they have more reliable information and usually have a list of sources at the bottom of each page.
  • Meet with a librarian. Helping students find a topic is part of our job! A 30-minute meeting with a librarian will help you get started quickly. Click on the "Need Help?" button at the top of the screen to get help now.
  • Think about a manageable topic. For example: you can't fit the whole story of Rosa Parks into a paper. Focus on something detailed:
    • You might write about her role in the Montgomery bus boycott. 
    • Then, you focus even more: how did she relate to other organizers during the boycott? How did the media portray her? 

Refence Sources