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Equipment & Printing

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Equipment & Printing

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Temporary changes due to COVID-19

Laptops are available to students for fall semester. You will need to fill out a request form. Click Here to access the request form. Once you have been approved, you can pick up your laptop M-F from 9am to 5pm.


The following printers are available in the library:

  • lindell-street-level-printer - black and white printer on the library's first floor
  • lindell-street-color-printer - color printer on the library's first floor. You will need a fob to release color print jobs from this printer
  • lindell-link-level-printer - black and white printer in the Gage Center computer lab
  • lindell-braille-embosser - a braille embosser available on request

Personal laptops can connect with campus printers through iPrint. Staff at the Tech Desk can assist with setting up personal computers to print.

Students are initially assigned 500 units for printing. If you exceed the limit, you will need to have a Tech Desk worker add printing units to your account. There is no additional charge for adding more printing units to your account.

What Kind of Equipment Can I Get at the Library?

Lindell Library has equipment for short-term checkout. Make sure that you read about your responsibilities before checking this equipment out.


What’s available

The following items are available for checkout. Contact the Circulation Desk (612-330-1017) for specific checkout periods, if they are not given below. You can check out and return them only when the library is open; see Library Hours.

  • Mac (Apple) laptops and charging cords (semester-long, only available after filling out a Request Form). Laptops are available only for current Augsburg students.
  • PC (Windows) laptops and charging cords (semester-long, only available after filling out a Request Form). Laptops are available only for current Augsburg students.
  • Chromebooks (5 hours) are available only for current Augsburg students.
  • Adapters, dongles, and other connection equipment
  • Bicycles (see our Bikeshare page for details)
  • Conference phone
  • Data projector (you must provide the computer)
  • DVD Writer (USB disc drive for playing DVDs or CDs on your computer)
  • Overhead projector
  • Stop-start pedals for transcription
  • Tripod
  • USB Microphone kits
  • Wacom tablets

Reporting Problems

If you have problems with any equipment, or if any equipment was missing from the bag when you picked up the item, please let us know! We want to make sure the equipment works for you.

Please test the equipment in the library to make sure you know how to operate it and that all equipment is working.


Your Responsibilities

You are financially responsible for these items while they are checked out. Overdue fines are substantial and are applied if the items are 5 minutes late. Many of these items are quite expensive, so please treat them gently.

You are responsible for returning the items on time. Because of our limited supply, someone else may be counting on using it right after you are done.

Microfilm Reader

Lindell Library has a digital microform reader that can read microfilm and microfiche in the Learning Commons. The digital reader has accompanying software that allows you to change focus, print, save, or email images.