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Citation and Style Guides

A guide to citation, including style guides, writing tools, plagiarism, and copyright.

What is a Style Guide?

Scholars and publishers have come up with a number of different systems for how sources should be cited in academic papers.

These are called Style Guides.

What Style Should I Use?

It depends:

  • Sometimes a particular style is required or preferred by a particular discipline, but not always.
  • Professors often have their own favorites.
  • If they don't care, then feel free to choose your own, whether based on the discipline you are in or your own preferences.

Whatever style you use, make sure to use it consistently and accurately.. Using two or more guides in the same paper, or using a style improperly, is a good way to run into trouble.

  • Ask your professor which guide you should use.
  • Use it consistently and accurately.

How Do I Use a Style?

The pages on this guide discuss each of the major styles you may need to use at Augsburg. They include:

  • Information on the official manual for that style
  • Links to online summaries and other helpful resources
  • Video tutorials
  • and more
Ask for Help!
  • Style guides and citation can be confusing, so don't do it alone if you're not sure.
  • Ask a Librarian – we're happy to help you find the right way to cite your sources.