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More About Library Instruction

Meet one-on-one
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We can help you:
Find or narrow a paper topic,
locate appropriate sources,
and more.

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Why Does the Library Offer Instruction?

Our librarians are experts in navigating an ever-complex information landscape. We empower students to:

  • Make efficient use of their time as they develop manageable and interesting research topics.
  • Critically evaluate resources for their credibility, accuracy, reliability, and cited sources.
  • Avoid relying on false information, including "fake news."
  • Understand how to properly cite their sources and prevent plagiarism.
  • Share their research with the global community.

By teaching these skills, we help our students realize their full potential as informed digital citizens.

What Kind of Topics Can a Librarian Cover in My Classroom?

Our specialized librarians cover every department and program on campus, tailoring instruction to suit the needs of each course. The following are just some examples of what librarians bring to the classroom:>

  • Offering an introduction to the library in a single class session.
  • Working with faculty to create "choose your own reading" -type assignments.
  • Demonstrating databases and explaining how peer review improves the quality of information.
  • Highlighting primary sources repositories and other online resources.
  • Explaining citation styles and demonstrating citation management tools like RefWorks.

Contact your library liaison to schedule meetings and classroom visits.

Can the Library Help Me Explore Using Digital Tools in My Classroom?

Yes! Our librarians bring years of experience working with a variety of digital production and management systems.