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About Copyright

What is Copyright?

Image: Saving for Someday

The Educational use provisions of U.S. copyright laws grant students and teachers wide latitude when it comes to selecting materials for use in papers, lectures, postings and other assignments.

Educational use does not grant blanket permission, and unfortunately the law is not necessarily very clear either.  Do not throw up your hands in disgust or frustration.  Here are some guidelines to help you to make your copyright decisions.

The following video gives a good summary of copyright and fair use and how they affect you as a student.

Getting Permission

If the resource you want to use is not owned by the library or does not pass muster for Fair Use, obtaining permission from the copyright holder is an option.  If you decide to obtain permission and there is a cost involved, the cost is the responsibility of the department, not the library.

You can obtain permission by contacting the copyright holder or going through the Copyright Clearance Center.