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Temporary Changes for Summer 2020

Please anticipate longer delivery times for Interlibrary Loan (ILL) orders.

Librarians are available to scan print reference books. Email with requests.

Lindell Library is no longer accepting donations of books, music scores, and other physical items.

Lindell Library Book Search

Start Your Search

To find a book, start with Lindell Library’s general search on the main page or by using the book search above.

This searches the physical and online collections of lots and lots of libraries, including Augsburg's.


In “Advanced” search, you can limit the Format to “Book” and the Library to “Augsburg.” (Leave the Library setting at “Libraries Worldwide” if there’s time to request a book through inter-library loan.)


Once you find a likely book you want to read, click on its title to get more details:


Books Martin Luther list 2017-08-18.jpg

Where Is My Book?

Information about the location of the physical book is toward the bottom of the detail page:

Books Martin Luther detail location 2017-08-18.jpg

Call numbers are like addresses. All the books in the library are on the shelf according to their call numbers. Pay attention to the Location, which tells you in what area of the library this particular kind of book makes its home. In the case of this biography of Martin Luther, the BR at the beginning of the call number and the Lindell Library LC Circulating Collection together tell us that it is on the top floor of Lindell Library. In the world of LC, which stands for Library of Congress, “B”s are Philosophy, Psychology, and Religion.


Homesick for your grade-school library?  You’ll also find Dewey Decimal books here on Lindell Library’s lower level; it’s how we sometimes classify literature like poetry and novels.


Wondering where to go in the building to find what you need? We have a floor-by-floor map just for you.

Full Text Online

In the library catalog, you may also see an Access online link for your book.  Lindell Library subscribes to thousands of e-books from different sources, with each source having a slightly different look and feel. Many come from ProQuest Ebook Central.



Logging into a computer on campus also logs you into e-book access.  Off campus, you will need to enter your AugNet username and password (the same combination you use to read your Augsburg e-mail) in order to read something online.


If you are fully logged in but still have trouble accessing an e-book, let us know right away.  We can often get full-text for you another way.

What About 'Reference Books'?

Reference books, in print or online, are a good way to start your research.  They provide an in-depth review of a subject that gives you a better grasp of its history, the people involved, or the specialized vocabulary used.  Often you’ll find "dictionary," "encyclopedia," "almanac," or "handbook" in a reference book’s title.  At Lindell Library, reference books are housed on the library’s Street Level; they can be looked at in the library (and pages copied or scanned from them), but not checked out.


Online, you can find reference books either in the General Search, or in one of these specialized databases:


Books Credo Literati 2017-08-18.jpg



Books Oxford Reference 2017-08-18.jpg



Stay in Touch!

Let us know anytime you run into trouble getting one of our books, or if you have a book to suggest we add to the library collection.

We prioritize resources that professors tell us support the curriculum.  We love hearing from you!