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Finding & Ordering

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Finding & Ordering

How to Order — Searching the Catalog

The search box above is a keyword search that includes books, videos, and other physical items at Augsburg and Luther Seminary as well as many articles that Augsburg has in full text. To search for a phrase, put “quotes” around your phrase. The following searches will all yield different results:

  • To search for a single word: Luther
  • To search for a phrase: “Luther’s Table Talk”
  • To search for two or more words: Luther’s Table Talk
  • To search by title, author, or other special fields, go to the Advanced Search
  • To search for articles that we don’t have in full text, use the Research Guides or Databases A-Z to search a subject-specific database.

How to Order — Finding Non-book Formats

If you are looking for CDs or videos, use the specialized “Music” or “Videos” search buttons, right next to the main search box, to limit your search to only the format you want. You can also use the main search box and use facets on the left side of the search results to limit to the formats you want.

How to Order — Requesting Materials

Requesting Augsburg Materials

You can request books, CDs, videos, and other materials from Augsburg’s collection to be held for pickup at the Circulation Desk by clicking on the ‘Request’ button in the catalog record. Items for hold are collected throughout the day. You will be notified by email when your items are ready for pickup, usually within 24 hours.


Requesting Interlibrary Loans

You can request books, CDs, and other materials from other libraries by clicking on the ‘Request through Interlibrary Loan’ button in the catalog record. (Note that online materials, such as e-books, are generally not available through interlibrary loan, because of license limitations from the publishers.) In most cases, requested materials will be delivered to Augsburg within a week. You will be notified by email when your items are ready for pickup.

You can access the Interlibrary Loan form directly as well (if you have the citation for the journal article or book you want to read).


Questions About Orders

We make it easy to see your library account and what materials you have on order.

If you have any problems requesting books or other materials, contact the Circulation Desk at 612-330-1017, or your friendly librarian.

Finding Things in the Library

Where in the Library?

Physical books make their home in the library according to their subject; other formats, such as DVDs and print journals, have special places too. Here is a library map that spells it all out.

Checking Out

You need to have an Augsburg ID to check items out from the library. ID cards are made at the Circulation Desk on the Street level of the library. You can have an ID made any time the library is open.

Augsburg alumni can apply for a “Lindell Library Borrowing Card” at the Street Level Circulation Desk.


You are responsible for the timely return of all material borrowed on your ID, whether or not you receive any reminder notices from the library. Loan periods vary, so be certain you understand the due date for all material at the time of check-out. If you need a renewal, request it before the material is due.

Overdue notices are sent automatically to your Augsburg email account each week that your materials are overdue. Four weeks after the due date, books are considered lost and subject to billing for replacement. The overdue and billing process is accelerated for items with shorter checkout periods. The minimum replacement charge for all items is $60, including a nonrefundable processing fee. All replacement bills are referred to the Business Office, and appear on your monthly fee statement. All correspondence about the overdue and billing process take place via email.

For faculty, departments are financially responsible for materials checked out by their faculty members, and department chairs may be notified of materials that need to be billed.

The Find It Button

When you search article databases, the ‘Find It’ button will appear in your results: Find It! ‘Find It’ is a context-sensitive link server and full-text retrieval service provided by the Lindell Library. It allows you to click from a citation in a database search result and view a list of retrieval options and related services, including links to the online full text when available.

Here are answers to some questions you may have when using ‘Find It.’ For other questions, contact your friendly librarian.

What ‘Find It’ options are available?

Depending on the availability of the journal article, you may have any of the following service options:

  • Full Text (for both subscription and Open Access content)
  • Available in Print (check the library catalog to verify we have the needed date range)
  • We’ll order it for you through Interlibrary Loan
  • Import into a reference management tool, such as RefWorks

Who can use the ‘Find It’?

Any patron of Augsburg College using the Lindell Library on-site. Members of the Augsburg College community (current faculty, staff, and students) can also use ‘Find It’ off-campus after logging in through Inside Augsburg.

Most services linked from Augsburg’s ‘Find It’is available only to current Augsburg students, faculty, and staff.


What if full text is not available?

If the full text is not available, you may request the article. Look for the ‘Order via Interlibrary Loan’ button on the page that ‘Find It’ directs you to.


I clicked on an ‘Article’ link, but I only got the journal page ...

‘Find It’ will try to get you as close to the article level as possible. The journal publisher controls where we are able to link — journal homepage, volume, table of contents, or article. In some cases, you may need to navigate further through the publisher’s website to get to the specific article.


Where can I get more help?

Click on the red ‘Need Help?’ button on the top right-hand side of this page, and other Lindell Library pages. Or contact your friendly librarian here.