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Is Our Website Not Helping You Find What You Need?

Email Sara Fillbrandt ( to help us improve the library's website.

What Can I Borrow from the Library?

The library has many different types of resources that you can borrow:

  • Books
  • Mac (Apple) laptops that come with a charging cord. Laptops are available for current Augsburg students
  • PC (Windows) laptops that come with a charging cord. Laptops are available for current Augsburg students
  • Microphones
  • DVDs
  • Cameras
  • Whiteboard markers
  • A tripod
  • Projectors
  • Stop-start pedals for transcription equipment
  • Adapters, dongles, and other equipment

Our different materials have different checkout periods. You can call, email, or stop by to learn about the checkout period for the materials you need.

When I Check Out Materials, What Am I Responsible For?

Borrowers are financially responsible for items while they are checked out, and for returning the items before the checkout period ends. Fines for overdue or lost items go onto your Augsburg University account.

What Happens if I Return Something Late?

You are responsible for the timely return of all material borrowed on your ID, whether or not you receive any reminder of overdue notices from the library. Loan periods vary, so be certain you understand the due date for all material at the time you check it out. If the due date changes, we will contact you at your e-mail address.

The library will send reminder notices of overdue material each week that the item is overdue to your e-mail account. If the item is eligible for renewal and you want to renew it, choose one of the methods for renewing the item outlined in the email.

Four weeks after the due date, books are considered lost and subject to billing for replacement. (The overdue and billing process is accelerated for items with shorter checkout periods.) The minimum replacement charge for all items is $65, including a nonrefundable processing fee. All replacement bills are referred to the Business Office, and they appear on your monthly fee statement. All correspondence about the overdue and billing process takes place via email.

Departments are financially responsible for materials checked out by their faculty members, and department chairs may be notified of materials that need to be billed.