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Getting Started with Research

A step-by-step guide to most research assignments.

What's in this Guide

You can use this guide to:

How to Use this Guide

Fun Fact!

A University of Minnesota study of student library use found that students who used the U of M Libraries at least once in 2011–12 were:

  • Twice as likely to return for a second semester, and

  • Had a higher average GPA than those who did not.

For beginning students, use it as an orientation to academic work.

  • This online guide is a roadmap to researching a paper or presentation for many Augsburg courses: understanding your assignment, navigating possible topics, assembling your sources, and creating a bibliography.

  • This guide introduces you to important concepts that you'll need to know, like Plagiarism, Citing Sources, and Copyright.

For experienced students, use it as a reference source for your continuing work.

  • Check back here when you're not sure if you're citing something properly.

  • Find books and other resources to help you with your research projects.