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Library resources for Sociology students.


Research Guides

Finding Sources in Sociology

Here are some examples of basic search terms you can use to find Sociology research:

  • sociology
  • methodology
  • social psychology
  • sociology history
  • social inequality
  • sociology religion
  • social structures.

To find strong search terms related to your specific topic, try the following:

If you're looking for data, we have a whole separate page of statistics sources.

Journal Databases

Journal databases are specialized tools for finding scholarly articles in academic journals, with advanced options for targeting your search on a specific topic.

If they seem a little intimidating, remember that the librarians are happy to show you how to use them to find the best sources as fast as possible.

Can't find full text?

Click the Find It! button by the article to get it elsewhere, or to order it.

Books in Augsburg's Collection

You can also search the library catalog for books, videos, and other resources in our collection.

This search will include articles from some of our databases, but you will find better results from journals using the databases listed above.


We have access to a large collection of streaming films that you can find in these databases.

You can also search our catalog for DVDs, VHS tapes, and more streaming video.