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Plagiarism & Academic Honesty

Your Augsburg University guide to plagiarism and academic honesty

AI and Academic Integrity

OpenAI and Writing

Augsburg University does not currently have a blanket policy regarding the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools - but your professor might. Please check your syllabus or contact your instructor if you have questions about what is/is not acceptable use of content generated using AI.

Things to Keep in Mind


Different professors will have different expectations when it comes to using AI for assignments. Some may ban it entirely, others may encourage its use in surprising ways, and some may not care - just as long as you include a transcript of your "conversation" as an appendix in your paper. Students and faculty should have a conversation and work together to build a policy that works for the whole class.

The potential for Bias

AI tools like ChatGPT are often biased. And a lot of that bias comes down to the way a question or prompt is worded. If you want some examples of bias potential based on the prompt wording, check out the University of Waterloo's AI bias page. Additionally, most AI tools are trained using sets of data. If the data it has been fed is not up-to-date, is too small of a set, or reflects certain cultural or societal norms, then the responses evoked will not be neutral - in fact, they may be insensitive, discriminatory, or perpetuate stereotypes. This is human bias peeking through.

Think Critically

AI can be helpful in generating an outline, or to "talk to" like you would a friend or roommate about a subject in order to help you get your thoughts in order. Most people learn from their mistakes, and AI is only as good as the prompt you put in. The critical and creative thinking you put into your written assignments is not something that a computer can do for you - and at this point, material generated by AI programs may be inaccurate, incomplete, or otherwise problematic and you will be responsible for any information you submit. Using AI might seem like a great solution, but those tools lack critical thinking to evaluate and reflect on criteria and they lack abductive reasoning to make judgments with incomplete information at hand. So make sure you double check your facts, use more than one source, and reflect on information you know to be true. 

Resources about AI in the Classroom