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Find an Augsburg Thesis in the Catalog: Theses at Augsburg

How to search for theses or other master's projects created by Augsburg graduate students
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A Graduate Student's Guide to Augsburg Theses & Graduate Projects


So you have written an Augsburg thesis? Great!


Image of a single, open, bound thesis.Augsburg graduate students who successfully complete a graduate research project usually give two bound copies and one electronic copy of that project to Lindell Library, which makes them available to the Augsburg community.

  • One copy is stored in the University Archives, where it can be preserved for posterity.
  • The other copy goes into the library’s circulating collection, where it can be checked out by students and faculty. 
  • With the author's permission, we add the digital copy to Idun, Augsburg's Institutional Repository. Idun shares a free, full-text version of the project to the global community.

Checklist for Submitting Your Thesis or Dissertation

  • Have the final draft of your graduate project approved by your department. Lindell Library does not approve theses or dissertations.
  • You need to submit two copies:
    • One printed and bound copy and one digital or
    • Two printed and bound copies.
  • Print your copies of the final approved draft, including the signature page, on 20# cotton bond paper, single-sided.
  • Send print copies to a bindery to be bound according to the bindery instructions. (Print these instructions out to share with the bindery.)
  • Give the printed and bound copy to your department.
    • Your department will send them to the library.
    • One copy will be included in the University Archives.
  • Save a copy of your thesis in “PDF/A” format.
    • ”PDF/A“ is the “accessibility” version of PDF.
    • There should be an option in Word, Pages, Google Docs, etc., to export in this format.
  • Submit your digital version by sending it to — along with a signed Deposit Agreement. The library cannot make your thesis or dissertation available online without a signed agreement.