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Library resources for students of theology and religion.


Reading a spiritual memoir is a great way to learn about a religion, whether you're completely new to it or you're looking to gain a deeper understanding of a practice you already know something about. Spiritual memoirs offer insight into a religion from the perspective of a person experiencing it for him or herself, and are usually readable and engaging.

Searching With Subject Headings

Subject headings are terms that librarians assign to books, articles and other information to make it easy to search by topic. You can use subject headings in a database or catalog to find everything on your topic. The trick is finding out what the most appropriate subject headings are. Here are some subject headings that you can use to find various kinds of spiritual memoir:

Note that these subject headings bring up many things that are not spiritual memoir. To focus your search results, use the subject headings in an Advanced Search along with other keywords that you choose. For example, search any of these subject headings in one field as "Subject" with the word "memoir" in another field as "Keyword."

If Augsburg University doesn't own the book you want, place an Interlibrary Loan request. It may take up to a week for your book to arrive, but this option expands your choices considerably.

Examples Of Spiritual Memoir at Augsburg University or Luther Seminary


You can find information about spiritual memoirs in both the ATLA Religion Database and Academic Search Premier. A search for "spiritual memoir" will bring up book titles that you can check to see if we own or request through Interlibrary Loan