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Business & Marketing

A guide to all aspects of Business, including Business Administration, Marketing, International Business, Entrepreneurship, Finance, and Company/Industry Data and Statistics.

What's on this Page?

Get Ideas and Information

Looking for General Information about Marketing? These books and online resources can help you:

  • Look up Marketing terms to find out what they are and how they are used.
  • Learn about doing Marketing research.

Find Reports and Statistics

Need more?

The Data and Statistics Page has a comprehensive list of sources, including company information, industry information, and more.

General Sources

Consumer Analysis and Demographics

Company Data

  • Databases  |  Reference Books with online versions  |  Reference Books held at the library

Industry Information

  • Reference Books with online versions  |  Reference Books held at the library

Find Books and Articles

Search Journals

  • Scholarly articles in specific databases

Search Videos

  • Videos at Augsburg  |  Online Video Collections

Marketing Communication

Some online books to help you with Marketing Communication research.