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Submit a Thesis to Lindell Library at Augsburg University: Guide

Guidelines for Augsburg University graduate students who are completing theses or graduate projects and want to submit them to Lindell Library
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So you have written an Augsburg thesis? Great!


Image of a single, open, bound thesis.Augsburg graduate students who successfully complete a graduate research project usually give two copies of that project to their department. The department deposits one copy in the University Archives, and makes the second copy available to the Augsburg community via Lindell Library. Graduate students are advised to submit:

    A digital copy for Idun, Augsburg's Institutional Repository. Idun shares a free, full-text version of the project to the global community.
  • One printed and bound copy that is stored in the University Archives, where it can be preserved for posterity
    • Augsburg's Archives copies are held for preservation only. They are not available for viewing either by the public or by members of the Augsburg community.​​​​​​​

Checklist for Submitting Your Thesis or Dissertation

  • Have the final draft of your graduate project approved by your department. Lindell Library does not approve theses or dissertations.
  • You need to submit two copies:
    • One printed, bound copy and one digital, or
    • Two printed, bound copies.
  • Print your copy or copies of the final approved draft, including the signature page, on 20# cotton bond paper, single-sided.
  • Send printed copies to a bindery to be bound according to either the specifications provided by your department, or these bindery instructions. (Print the instructions out to share with the bindery.)
  • Give the printed and bound copy or copies to your department.
    • Your department will send them to the library.
    • One copy will be added to the University Archives.
  • Save a copy of your thesis in “PDF/A” format.
    • ”PDF/A“ is the “accessibility” version of PDF.
    • There should be an option in Word, Pages, Google Docs, etc., to export in this format.
  • After your printed thesis has been approved by your department, submit the digital version directly to the library by sending it to — along with a signed Deposit Agreement. The library cannot make your thesis or dissertation available online without a signed agreement.