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Film Studies

Film course guide including law and copyright guidelines

Videos and Copyright


The permitted use of films, videos, and music is more restrictive than other material formats. Restrictions differ when using these media formats in a physical classroom vs. a virtual classroom.
Physical Classroom: When using media in a physical classroom, a legitimate copy of a film, video or sound recording with performance rights can be shown or played in a face-to-face environment: a classroom or other school space designated for instruction by the instructor or guest instructor.
Virtual Classroom: Permissions to use media in a virtual classroom come from adherence to The TEACH Act (Technology, Education, and Copyright Harmonization Act) of 2002. The instructor and institution using/displaying a video and film in distance education or a virtual classroom can only use a reasonable and limited showing of portions of the film/video in a "live" or synchronous class.
The TEACH Act also requires the institution to develop/make public a copyright policy. Augsburg has not yet put this in place. For more on The TEACH Act , check out these links: