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Faculty Resources

Personal Research Assistance​

Faculty scholarship strengthens Augsburg, and you have a team of “personal librarians” in the Lindell Library staff!

We are more than happy to help you with your research — tenure-track, tenured, or adjunct, it's all good. Please reach out to us.

  • Make an appointment for a one-on-one research session. E-mail or call your department's liaison librarian — or use our online form to request a time. Whether you have 15 minutes or an hour, and whether this is your first time or your 53rd time, we are there for you.
  • Explore your subject page for discipline-specific resources. You can see a list of these pages at our Research Guides link. What works for your students should work for you — and we are glad to fine-tune these pages to meet your needs.
  • Learn specialized database search strategies. Even in our Google-dominated world, there are still tips and tricks you can use to make any online search more productive, and to make a powerful subject-specific database (like CINAHL for medical research) work better for you. Over the phone, by e-mail, or in person, your liaison librarian is happy to make this secret information less secret.
  • Get access to off-campus materials. Whether you are requesting books or articles through inter-library loan, or need to explore an obscure archive for your scholarly work, we can help you figure out how to get what you need.

Grants: Getting Them, Managing Them

In addition to supporting the scholarly needs of your research, we can support the financial needs as well.

We have books, links to websites, and even specialized funding databases like Foundation Directory Online that can help you locate funding, write proposals, and manage the whole grant process.

See our Grant Funding & Management Page for more information.

Idun Institutional Repository

Idun is Augsburg's online repository of scholarly and creative work.

Begun in earnest in 2017, Idun is an archive that collects the intellectual endeavors of Augsburg faculty, students, and staff, and then (with permission) makes them available for download by scholars on campus and around the world.

If you've published an article, written a book, or created a presentation, our librarians will help you get a legal digital copy online — or, in the case of a book or other copyright-complicated creation, link to information about it on another site.

Why “Idun”? Well, she's the Norse goddess of apples and immortality, and also the name of Augsburg's first library. Read more about her on the About Idun page, where you can also browse the repository's collections, disciplines, and authors.

If you have something to submit, use the Submit Research link. Your scholarship is our enrichment!

Interlibrary Loan

You can request books, CDs, and other materials from other libraries by clicking on the ‘Request through Interlibrary Loan’ button in the catalog record.

  • In most cases, requested materials will be delivered to Augsburg within a week.
  • You will be notified by email when your items are ready for pickup.

Note that online materials, such as e-books, are generally not available through interlibrary loan, because of license limitations from the publishers.

If you have a citation for a particular journal article or book, you can also access the Interlibrary Loan form directly to place a request.

For questions about orders, we make it easy to see your library account and what materials you have on order.

If you have any problems requesting books or other materials, contact the Circulation Desk at 612-330-1017, or your friendly librarian.

Copyright Guidelines for Researchers

In scholarly research, you are creating and using intellectual property. So you'd better know how your rights intersect with other scholars' rights under U.S. copyright law.

We recommend the University of Minnesota's comprehensive guide to copyright issues in scholarship.

We hope all your questions are answered in the U of M guide, but be sure to share any concerns you find with your liaison librarian.