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Center for Wellness and Counseling (CWC)

Augsburg University's Center for Wellness and Counseling offers programs and mental health counseling services to support the health and well-being of Augsburg students.

The seven members of the CWC staff

The staff members at the Center for Wellness and Counseling embrace a concept of health that encompasses the whole person. They work in partnership with students, faculty, and staff to support healthy learners in a healthy learning environment, and to promote student development and student success.

For more about their services for Augsburg students, including free, confidential personal counseling, visit the CWC Web page.

Meditation Audiobooks: Guided Mindfulness

Supporting Wellness

Mindful Eating and Body Image

Meditation Audiobooks: HealthJourneys Series

Books on Confidence, Joy, and Forgiveness

About Reserves

Your computer doesn't have a disc drive? No problem!

A lot of the resources that the CWC has put on reserve are audiobooks or DVDs. Ask for a “DVD writer” at the Circulation Desk.


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