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Getting an Augsburg ID



How do I Get My ID?

You can have your picture taken and your ID printed at the Circulation Desk on the first floor near the library entrance at any time while the library is open.

You’ll need an Augsburg ID to:

  • Check out computer equipment at the library.

  • Use Flex Points at Augsburg Dining Services

  • Know your student ID number (it's on the front of the card)

  • Rent textbooks from the bookstore.

  • Send or pick up packages from Christensen Center.

  • Attend certain university events.

The process only takes a couple of minutes and you will receive your ID on the spot.

Replacement IDs

Students can have worn out ID cards replaced for free by turning in the old card to be shredded. Lost or stolen cards (when the old card can't be turned in for shredding) will be replaced for a charge of $20 on the student's account.
Staff and faculty can have ID cards replaced for free.