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Music Therapy

This guide contains all the resources you need to get started on your music therapy assignment or research project.

Searching databases for journal articles

If you're looking for journal articles, conference papers, reports, or book chapters, you'll need to search one or more of our many databases. Music therapy is an interdisciplinary field, meaning that its research interests overlap with disciplines as diverse as psychology, social work, nursing, medicine (both traditional and alternative), education, and of course music.

While there are no databases devoted exclusively to music therapy literature, Lindell Library subscribes to dozens of databases that cover music therapy as well as related disciplines. A handful of the most significant ones are listed under "Core Databases" below. Other discipline-specific databases have been grouped under the headings of education, medicine / health / psychology, and music databases. 

You can search our databases using the search box below, or scroll a little farther down and click on any one of the subject-specific databases to search it directly. 

Lindell Library Article Search

Core Databases

Education Databases

Medicine / Health / Psychology Databases

Music Databases