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Retroactive Thesis Digitization: Guide

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Idun (ee-doon)

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Sara Fillbrandt

Retroactive Thesis Digitization Project

Augsburg University is embarking on an ambitious project to digitize the theses and other summative projects of our Graduate school alumni.  This is an important body of work, and the digitization project will help preserve them and make them more widely available.  You can view theses and other graduate projects in Idun, Augsburg's institutional repository.

As we move through the collection of theses and dissertations, we are making diligent efforts to contact the individual authors to notify them of the digitization and give them an opportunity to get an electronic copy of their dissertation.  If the author can't be contacted, the list below serves as notice of the project.

If you wrote or hold copyright to any of these materials, and would like to provide additional information about your work or discuss distribution, please contact us at