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A collection of scores, recordings, and manuscripts that document Nordic Music in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Use the search box below to locate scores and sound recordings in the cataloged portion of our Nordic music collection. You may search by composer (e.g., Grieg) or keyword (e.g., symphony, sinfonietta). To see a full list of all materials in the cataloged portion of this collection, simply click on the "browse Nordic scores" link immediately below the search box. 

Augsburg Nordic Scores

About the Nordic Music Collection

Augsburg University's Nordic Music Collection is a compilation of about 2,000 print music scores, recordings, and manuscripts of works by composers from the Nordic countries of Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Iceland. The music dates from the 1860s to the 1990s, with the bulk of it published after 1910.

The collection was given to the Augsburg College Music Department, and later to the Archives, by the American-Scandinavian Foundation, a nonprofit organization founded in 1910 and based in New York City. It has been augmented by contributions from Augsburg faculty members in the Music Department, including Professor of Music Robert A. Karlén and Professor of Music Merilee Klemp.

A $10,000 grant from the Aid Association for Lutherans in 1999 funded the assessment and partial cataloging of this collection in 1999–2000. The assessment was performed by Dag Schjelderup-Ebbe (1926–2013), an Oslo-based composer and musicologist who had published and edited several books about Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg. The completion of this process was noted in a May 2000 lecture by Schjelderup-Ebbe on the Augsburg campus, part of a week-long Mai Fest celebration that also included a concert of music from the collection. As of 2020, some 500 items still remain to be cataloged.

As part of the University Special Collections, the music is findable in the Augsburg University library catalog, but it is not accessible to the general public. Items are made available to scholars only on special request to the Archivist,


Dag Schjelderup-Ebbe Lecture