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Physician Assistant Studies

Books, articles, and other resources for Physician Assistant students.

Point-of-Care Reference

DynaMed is an evidence-based point-of-care tool that is a "ready reference" for care providers. It includes:

  • Over 3200 topics, updated daily based on a review of over 500 journals.
  • Full drug information from the AHFS (American Society of Health System Pharmacists)

Get it on your phone with the DynaMed Mobile app.

Also see PubMed for point-of-care reference.

Evidence-Based Practice Reference

Joanna Briggs Institute Logo
The Joanna Briggs Institute EBP Database
Joanna Briggs is smaller than DynaMed, but deals with more complex topics and conditions.

It covers a wide range of medical, nursing, and health science specialties and includes a unique suite of information that’s been analyzed, appraised, and prepared by expert reviewers at JBI so you can integrate the world’s best evidence into your research.

It includes:

  • Evidence Summaries
  • Evidence–Based Recommended Practices
  • Best Practice Information Sheets
  • Systematic Reviews
  • Consumer Information Sheets
  • Systematic Review Protocols
  • Technical Reports

When you enter the database, select the "Joanna Briggs Institute EBP Database" on the menu.

Also see PubMed for evidence-based practice research.

PICO Assignments

What is PICO? PICO is an evidence-based process designed to answer clinical questions.

It stands for:

  • Patient or problem
  • Intervention
  • Comparison
  • Outcomes.