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Orientation to Effective Writing

Library resources that reinforce the research, writing, and information-literacy skills that carry Augsburg students through their undergraduate years and beyond

From ‘The Place to Start’

You will also find this information in the Place to Start research guide.

Next, find some sources!


Is that Web site a good source?


Now it's time to start finding the sources you will read to get information for your paper or presentation.

Don't just head to Google!

Academic work requires strong, authoritative sources, not just any random thing you find on the Internet.

Having trouble searching?

Talk to a librarian!

  • Find us at the Reference Desk
  • Call, email, or chat with us

Our job at the library is to supply you with the scholarly books, articles, and curated web resources that you will need for your research.

You can find several different types of sources here at the library:

  • Books
  • Articles from scholarly journals
  • Articles from newspapers
  • Web sites, including statistics and government reports
  • Videos
  • Audio files

No full text? Click the Find It! button by the article to get it elsewhere, or to order it.

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