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Orientation to Effective Writing

Library resources that reinforce the research, writing, and information-literacy skills that carry Augsburg students through their undergraduate years and beyond

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Effective Writing, ENL-111 for short, is Augsburg's big course in what is sometimes called English Composition. It is part of Augsburg's Core Curriculum, required for all first-year students as of this writing (fall 2017).

The course's emphasis is on exposition, including learning research techniques, and writing critical reviews. Attention is given to increasing students’ effectiveness in choosing, organizing, and developing topics; thinking critically; and revising for clarity and style. A writing lab is provided for those needing additional help.

ENL-111 is not a traditional English class, because students are encouraged to focus their critical-thinking skills on current, relevant topics in a wide variety of academic disciplines. So the resources you use for essays and papers go beyond English literature to, for example, psychology, medicine, social work, and the hard sciences. This research guide is designed to help you navigate Effective Writing assignments.

Remember, librarians are happy to help with any of your research needs! See our Contact the Library page for ways to reach us.

Many Voices Project

Each year the Augsburg English Department chooses a common “Many Voices” text for Effective Writing courses — one that illuminates issues of diversity. Professors, staff, and students across the campus are encouraged to participate in the project.

A research guide for all the Many Voices books, including the current year’s chosen text, may be found here: Many Voices Project

Worksheet of Useful Library Links


Need a printable sheet of links to cool library stuff? This worksheet from a recent library-orientation class gives you what you need: