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Get to Augsburg by Public Transit

How you too can become an Auggie Transit Ninja Master!

This guide was put together by Lindell Library staff members to make it easy for outside visitors to get to the Augsburg University campus — for example, to get to a Lindell Library event.

We tried to be thorough, but we know we are not comprehensive. Two of us regularly commute from Saint Paul, so our expertise is best represented in the “Coming from the East” section.

Build your own commute!

  • The Metro Transit Web site includes a very useful online Trip Planner. Just plug in your starting point and put “Augsburg College” in the “To:” box (sorry, Metro Transit doesn't yet know we are a University). You can adjust departure dates and times, and also say how far you are willing to walk between stops.

  • For mobile devices, there's a Metro Transit app.

  • There's not space here for all the excellent apps that include Metro Transit information, but do check out Google Maps’ “transit” option.

You probably know more than we do about public transit from your area, and we are happy to update this guide to reflect your knowledge. Please e-mail the librarian whose smiling face appears in the box to your left with your how-to’s. And thank you!

map with bus and train info

Below are links to the schedules of all the Metro Transit lines that serve the Augsburg campus or nearby.