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Study Rooms

Available to the Augsburg community on a first come basis in Lindell Library
Study Rooms

Meet one-on-one
with a reference librarian

We can help you:
Find or narrow a paper topic,
locate appropriate sources,
and more.

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Study Rooms are available for reservations by the Augsburg community on a first-come, first-served basis. Unscheduled users must vacate a room when a scheduled user arrives. Scheduled users lose their right to the room if they do not claim it within ten minutes of their scheduled time.

Map of study rooms

Room Description Capacity
Reserve room 302A


Reserve room 302B 14'x14' 6
Reserve room 302C 22'x13' 8
Reserve room 302D 14'x13' 5
Reserve room 302E 12'x19' 8
Reserve room 302F 13'x16' 6
Reserve room 302G 10'x10' 4
Reserve room 302H 21'x12' 8
Reserve room 302I 14'x12' 6
Reserve room 302J 12'x12' 4