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Library Orientation: Building

Even before you walk through our doors, Lindell Library is here to help!

Let's Get Physical

We love our light-filled library building! Visit us and explore these places:

Floor locations

Group study rooms

Quiet places



Quiz: Place Within a Place

On which floor of the library is the Gage Center located?
Street Level: 1 votes (7.69%)
Lower Level: 0 votes (0%)
Link Level: 9 votes (69.23%)
3rd Floor: 3 votes (23.08%)
Total Votes: 13

What's on Which Floor?

Street Level

  • Circulation Desk   
  • Color printer
  • Digital microfilm scanner     
  • Learning Commons  
  • Multimedia Lab      
  • Popular books, magazines, DVDs
  • Reference collection   
  • TechDesk    
  • Writing Lab              

Link Level 

  • Gage Center offices
  • Link Lab accessible via Hagfors, Oren, and Sverdrup links

Third Level

  • Books that can be checked out
  • Group study rooms
  • Quiet study space (north side)

Lower Level

  • Designated quiet-study floor
  • Individual tables and desks
  • Classrooms L15 & L16
  • Print journal archive
  • Special Collections and Library Archives


Group Study Rooms

Did you know there are ten group study rooms on the library's Third Level? 

For eight of the Third Level study rooms, you must be present in the library to use the sign-up sheet on the door.  The two largest, 302A and 302E, are reserved using Google Calendar.  Only Augsburg students, faculty members, and staff members may reserve these two rooms.

  • Rooms can be used by groups of two or more people.
  • Groups can use a room for a maximum of two hours.
  • Rooms can be reserved up to two weeks in advance.
  • Unscheduled groups must vacate a room when a scheduled group arrives. Groups lose their right to the room if they do not claim it within ten minutes of their scheduled time.
  • Persons studying alone may use a group study room if open, but priority is given to groups of two or more.
  • Group study rooms are not to be used for regularly scheduled meetings.

The Gage Center

Gage Center  Designed to be accessible to all students, the Gage Center assesses individual student needs and strives to facilitate seamless student support.  Occupying the library building's Link Level, it represents the collaboration of Academic Advising, the Academic Skills Office, Disability Services (also called the CLASS Office), and TRIO/Student Support Services.

Quiet Places

The open architecture of Lindell Library creates a beautiful space ... where sound can easily travel. 

If you are looking for a quiet place to study, we suggest Third Level North, or all of the Lower Level.

The Lower Level is the designated quiet study floor of the library.  Signs are posted to remind students that conversations should be moved to the group study rooms.