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Many Voices Project

Each year the Augsburg English Department chooses a common "Many Voices" text for Effective Writing courses -- one that illuminates issues of diversity. Professors, staff, and students across the campus are encouraged to participate in the project.

2014 Many Voices Reading: The Round House

The Many Voices Project invites you to enter into a dialogue with other minds, so that you might encounter ideas that are different than your own. Part of the dialogue will be with the text itself, as you reflect on it, write about it, and discuss it with other people in class.   During the 2014-2015 academic year, the Many Voices Project features local author Louise Erdrich's The Round House.   Since Erdrich's work is the common text for all ENL 111 sections this year, you may find that your conversation about the text continues outside of Effective Writing, perhaps in a professor’s office or other classroom, in the dorm, at meals, or over coffee.

Selected Books

About Louise Erdrich

Web Resources

Birchbark Books

Birchbark Books is an  independent, local Minneapolis bookstore owned by Louise Erdrich. Birchbark supports the Native American artist community, sponsors readings by Native and Non-native American writers and historians. Louise occasionally contributes to her blog on the Birchbark site at

The Round House: News and Media Links

A comprehensive list of links to awards, book reviews, and news stories about Louise and The Round House book. The list also contains links to video, audio, and print interviews with Louise.