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Faculty Resources

How Faculty Support the Library’s Collection

Keeping Augsburg University's library collection current with the academic curriculum — and with the scholarly needs of you and your students — is important to us. Our library liaisons and Acquisitions staff try to make sure that what is on the shelves supports our academic programs, but we appreciate your help. Please let us know if there is a resource that we should purchase for Lindell Library. We will do our best to get it.

Tools for Learning About New Publications in Your Field

To make sure our collection stays in line with the standards of academic institutions around the country, we subscribe to a service of the American Library Association called “Choice Reviews.” Choice gives us ready access to decades of no-punches-pulled reviews of the kinds of books collected by academic libraries, rating each on a five-point scale, from “Not Recommended” to “Essential.” You can get access to current reviews of books or online resources in your field in two ways: with printed cards, or via an online account.

Choice Cards

To sign up to have your department’s Choice cards routed to you, e-mail your request (with a subject line something like "Choice Card Routing") to Ron Kurpiers with your name, department, and your academic areas of interest.

Choice Online

Choice Reviews Online offers a searchable database of reviews of more than 200,000 titles. To learn how to sign up for an online Choice account, see our Choice Reviews guide. Once you have set up a search, you will get regular updates via e-mail that you can then pass on to library staff to request a purchase.