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Access an E-book in ProQuest's 'Ebook Central'

How Augsburg students and faculty can access an e-book on what may be an unfamiliar platform to many.

So you want to read an e-book!

This guide explains how to find one in the Lindell Library catalog and successfully read, download, or print it.

The steps below are for e-books in the ProQuest Ebook Central platform. Other e-book platforms may look and work differently.

Contact a librarian if you need help using them.

Enjoy your online reading. And be sure to let your professor, or your friendly librarian, know if you have any questions or problems.

1. Finding an E-Book

Here are the steps to finding a particular e-book in our collection.

  1. In the main library search box, click the "Advanced" option.
  2. Enter the title in quotation marks.
  3. Select Format: eBook.
  4. Select Library: Augsburg College (or University).
  5. Click search.
Lindell advanced search


2. Accessing the e-book

When you see the book you want, click "Access online".

Ebook Central access online

You will then see something like this:

Native American Voices detail record in ProQuest Ebook Central

Trouble Getting Access?

Too many Auggies might be reading your book at the moment.

Some publishers restrict the number of people who can read a book online simultaneously.

For example, if you get a screen that looks like this, it means that three people are already reading this e-book right now:

Ebook Central access denied

Our advice is to wait 20 minutes, then try again. Or else keep refreshing your browser until one of those people logs out of the resource.

3. Choose 'Read', not 'Download'

This is important, because it affects other people's access while you are reading it.

Please ignore the "download" options — even if what you want to do is download a PDF.

This will lock all other users out of the book for 24 hours.

Choose "Read Online" or "Online Reading" instead. You will still be able to download or print, but it will allow other users to access the e-book too.

Ebook Central read online

4. Create an Account

The first time you read the book, you will be asked to create an account with the publisher.

It's free and painless, and the library has paid the publisher for your access, so please create an account without fear.

Your username should be your Augsburg e-mail address.

It is up to you to remember your password for future access, so make it something secure yet memorable.


5. Read and Learn!

Choose the part of the book you want to read. Once it is open, you can either do all your reading right now or save a PDF to access later.

To save a PDF
  1. Click the Print icon (circled)
  2. Your browser should then alert you that it is saving a PDF
  3. Open that PDF separately and save it to a secure location (your Google Drive or AugNet folder) so you can read it later, or open it on another platform if you're good at that sort of thing.

Or you can print it — but remember that the library's license with the publisher probably restricts the number of pages you can print at one time.

6. Log Out

Because the platform limits the number of simultaneous users, be nice to other Auggies who want to read this book by logging out when you are done.

The e-book system will log you out after 20 minutes of inactivity.