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Check out a Bicycle

The library policies for the the Augsburg Bike Share Program, a sustainable and cost-effective measure to address transportation needs of Augsburg University students, faculty, and staff.


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Karen Alexander

Bicycles in front of Lindell Library on 9 May 2018; photo by Rebecca Ganzel

The Augsburg Bike Share Program is a sustainable and cost-effective measure to address the transportation needs of Augsburg University students, faculty, and staff. It represents one of many initiatives Augsburg has taken to become a good steward of the environment and to promote energy-conscious action. By providing a free, no-pollution mode of transportation, the program gives everyone a chance to play a role in the University’s green initiatives. Bike sharing allows Auggies to enjoy the outdoors, explore Minneapolis, and take part in off-campus academic and recreational opportunities.

How Do I Borrow a Bike?

Augsburg students, faculty, and staff can check out bikes and helmets from Lindell Library with their Augsburg ID. Bikes are locked to a rack in front of the library building — the east entrance. To check one out, go to the Circulation Desk in Lindell Library, present your ID, and say, “I'd like to check out a bike.” (You can ask for it by name if you have looked at the rack and know which one suits you.) Then you’ll be given a key for the bike lock and the option of checking out a helmet. Go outside, unlock the bike from the rack, put the lock in your backpack, and you’re off!

  • Are the bikes and helmets all the same size? We have many sizes in both! Bikes range from a 16-inch frame (that's “Lightspeed”) to a 21-inch frame (“Joker”). “Nightwing” is an accessible step-through bike. Helmets come in Medium or Large, and they can be adjusted to fit most any head size. Learn more about bike sizes.
  • Do I need to take the bike lock with me? Yes! The lock can be locked to the holder on the bike, but it's not necessary to store it that way — just take it with you so you can keep the bike secure wherever you park it. (Here is a page that shows bike-rack locations on the Augsburg campus.) Please do NOT leave the empty lock on the library rack; this makes us sad.
  • How do I return my bike? Lock the bike securely to the library's front rack (making sure you've looped in the bike frame and not just a wheel), then bring the key to a friendly Circulation Desk staff member. Remember, your bike is not checked in until you return the key — and there are steep fines for late bikes.
  • Am I required to check out a helmet with my bike? We encourage you to check out a helmet, but it's not required.
  • Can I reserve a bike ahead of time? No — bikes are available first-come, first-served. See what bikes are already checked out in the catalog here.
  • How long can I have the bike? Up to 24 hours, plus another 24-hour grace period. Note that you must return it when the library is open, and plan accordingly.
  • Can I renew it? Yes, but only once. Call the Circulation Desk (612-330-1017), give your name, and request a renewal. The grace period is not the same as renewing.
  • What if my bike is damaged? If you find a bike damaged when you go to unlock it, or if it gets damaged while it's checked out to you, let the Lindell Library Circulation Desk (612-330-1017) know right away. Users will not be charged for normal wear and tear, such as a flat tire.
  • What other cool bike stuff is available on campus? Check out Augsburg's transportation Web page for information about Nice Ride, nearby bike trails, and taking bikes with you on mass transit. You'll also find a bike-repair station, with tools and a pump for flat tires, on the east side of Christensen Center.
  • What's with the superhero names? We only wish riding Nightwing would give you acrobatic powers, or Batgirl would make you super-smart. They're still pretty special, though. Learn more about our superhero bikes.

Does It Cost Anything?

Checking out a bike and/or helmet is free to anyone with a current Augsburg ID. There is no fee to join the program.

We believe that financial limitations should not be a barrier, so the Bike Share program is free of charge. Recipients are expected to pay for lost or broken equipment. We hold recipients accountable by billing their student account.

The checkout period is up to 24 hours, and the library needs to be open when you return the bike. (Library hours are posted here.) You get a one-day grace period after 24 hours; if you return the bike on time, or within that grace period, you will not be charged anything. After that, your account will be charged $5 each day for a non-returned bike. If you have not returned it after 21 days, the bike will be considered Missing, and you will be charged for the replacement cost of the bike: $500. If you return the bike after the 21-day period, there is a lesser but still substantial charge: $400.

Helmets are lent under a similar policy. Losing or damaging a helmet will incur a $45 charge to your account. And if you lose the lock or the key to the lock, you may be charged for the replacement cost of the bicycle. Stay smart and be careful!

Who Do I Thank?

Augsburg University's Environmental Stewardship Committee (ESC), the Day Student Government Environmental Action Committee (EAC), and the Transportation Task Force are key resources.