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Elections and Voting in Minnesota

A one-stop shop for resources on the 2020 elections, including how to register to vote, find your polling place, and research the issues and candidates on your ballot.

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Who Can Vote?

In Minnesota, you can vote if you meet the following criteria:

  • You are a US citizen

  • You will be at least 18 years old on the day of the election

  • You have been a resident of Minnesota for at least 20 days

  • If you've ever been convicted of a felony, you must finish all parts of your sentence (including probation and parole) before voting

You do not need a Minnesota ID (such as a driver's license) in order to vote here. According to the secretary of state, "if you moved to Minnesota from another state and currently consider Minnesota your home, you can vote here even if you pay out-of-state tuition or have a driver's license from another state." If you don't consider Minnesota your home and would like to vote elsewhere, see the bottom of this page for instructions on how to apply for absentee ballots from select states. Otherwise, read on for information on registering to vote.

Register to Vote

In Minnesota, you can register to vote ahead of time OR you can register to vote on Election Day. Note that if it is less than 21 days to Election Day, you should wait and instead register on Election Day at your polling place.

If you're unsure if you've registered to vote at your current address, check your status here

You can register ahead of time either online or by mailing in a paper application. Links for both methods are below.

If you instead need to register on election day, there are several different forms of identification that you can bring to your polling place in order to register in person. Check out the Minnesota Secretary of State webpage for election-day registration for details.

Find Your Polling Place

You must vote at your assigned polling place, which is typically located near to where you live. Most polling places will be open from 7am to 8pm on Election Day--plan accordingly to get in line by 8pm!

Early and Absentee Voting

If you can't make it to your polling place on Election Day, Minnesota offers you the option to vote early in-person or by mail. Even Minnesotans currently abroad can vote by mailing in an absentee ballot! Check out the links below for instructions on how to take advantage of these options.

If you don't consider Minnesota your home, consider voting absentee in your home state. The following links will take you to the Secretary of State website of our neighboring states, which give instructions on how to vote absentee. If you don't see your state listed here, try Googling "[your home state] absentee voting" or "[your home state] voting by mail" for instructions. Be sure that the instructions you find come from an official government office such as the Secretary of State!