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Check out a Bicycle

The library policies for the the Augsburg Bike Share Program, a sustainable and cost-effective measure to address transportation needs of Augsburg University students, faculty, and staff.

Why Superheroes?

Elektra vs. Iron Fist, from

What's not to like? Our superheroes are powerful, talented, and alphabetical — perfect for Augsburg University library users.

Read more about our bikes and their inspirations' powers below. You also might want to check out the official Marvel and DC Comics Websites for everything you ever wanted to know about these superheroes, along with hundreds of others.


Batgirl the Bike

Batgirl (B) is a blue 17-inch (medium) Jamis Coda Sport.

Batgirl the Superhero

The DC Comics character Batgirl is a crazy-smart former librarian. In fact, she's so smart that became a superhero based on her brain power alone — like her mentor Batman, she doesn't have any actual superpowers, but she has plenty of skills to make up for it.


Catwoman the Bike

Catwoman (C) is a blue 19-inch (medium) Jamis Coda Sport.

Catwoman the Superhero

The DC Comics character Catwoman has an affinity for cats, and she is an expert in martial arts, boxing, and street-fighting. She is also a stealthy adversary with many disguises.


Gravity the Bike

Gravity (G) is a green 16-inch (small) Jamis Coda Sport Femme.

Gravity the Superhero

After being sucked into a mysterious black hole, the Marvel character Gravity emerged with the ability to fly, to decrease the gravity of objects around him, to simulate super-strength, and to attract or repel objects.


Joker the Bike

Joker (J) is a black, 21-inch (large) Jamis Coda Sport.

Joker the Superhero

The DC Comics character Joker, Batman's arch-enemy, is a criminal mastermind who loves chaos.


Krypto the Bike

Krypto (K) is a black, 19-inch (medium) Jamis Coda Sport.

Krypto the Superhero

The DC Comics character Krypto, also known as Superdog, hangs out with Superman and romps through space.


Magneto the Bike

Magneto (M) is a white, 18-inch (small) Jamis Coda Sport Femme.

Magneto the Superhero

The Marvel character Magneto is a powerful mutant who sometimes opposes the X-Men, and sometimes lends his magnetic powers to fight on their side.


Nightwing the Bike

Nightwing (N) is a silver, 15-inch (small) Biria Easy Boarding.

Nightwing the Superhero

The DC Comics character Nightwing is skilled in acrobatics and the martial arts.


Okoye the Bike

Okoye (O) is a white, 16-inch (small) Jamis Coda Sport Femme.

Okoye the Superhero

The Marvel Comics character Okoye is the general of the Dora Milaje, special forces for the African nation of Wakanda. A member of the Avengers, she is skilled in combat, in Wakandan weaponry, and in military tactics.