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Check Out Something ‘On Reserve’

Frequently asked questions ― and answers ― about what Course Reserves are and how to access them.

What Are Reserves?

Course Reserves are library resources that have been deemed so important for a class that the professor has set them apart for students' use. For physical books, that means putting them on an easily accessed shelf (behind the library's Circulation Desk) and giving them short checkout periods, like “3 days” or “4 hours.” For electronic resources like ebooks or journal articles, it means making them available with one click, from a special list, instead of asking you to hunt them down in our catalog or on a database. Either way, you can find Reserves listings by course in (what else?) our online Course Reserves list.

How Do I Access Library Reserves?

You can access reserves in four steps:

  1. Is your course on Moodle? The Moodle page for your class should have a link titled “Library Reserves.” Click on that link to go directly to the Reserves page for your course.
  2. Otherwise, you can search for your course by clicking on the Course Reserves button in the middle of the library home page, then searching by the professor's name or course number.
  3. Once you have found the Reserves page for your course, you can download any article that says “electronic copy available” by clicking on the title and logging in with your Augnet username and password.
  4. For physical reserves (print books and DVDs, for instance), you'll need to visit the actual library building. Tell the person at the front desk that you need something that's on Reserve, and give them the title. They will check it out to you for the number of hours or days or weeks that your professor specified.


You need to be logged out of any non-Augsburg Gmail accounts in order to get access to online Reserve articles. If you have your personal Gmail open, it confuses the Reserves genie. Avoid frustration and log out of Gmail/Google, then log in with your Augsburg credentials. Now you can download away.

Do I Have to Be a Student in the Class?

Anyone in the Augsburg community can check out any Reserves item. For very popular items, it is a courtesy to let students in the class have first dibs.

Can I Take a Reserves Item Out of the Library?

With these short checkout times, we encourage in-library use, but it's not mandatory. Just know that “three hours” really does mean three hours, and you will be charged a fine if something is even five minutes late.

I'm a Professor; How Do I Put Something on Reserve?

See our Faculty Resources: Teaching page,, for this and lots more about how you can support your students' learning.