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Read CHE Online

How to take advantage of Augsburg's campuswide subscription to the Chronicle of Higher Education, still the go-to publication for national academic news.

How to Access the Chronicle

CHE logo


Even though Augsburg is a paid-up subscriber, every so often the Chronicle of Higher Education sends around an e-mail asking you to log in to their site for their “premium” service.

Lindell Library has already paid for that service on our community's behalf, so current faculty, staff, and students can safely ignore that e-mail. But perhaps a refresher is in order on how we can access the Chronicle for free, thanks to Augsburg’s campus-wide subscription to the online version. The printed publication, which is a respected national source of academic news, comes out every Friday, but the online content changes every day. Our subscription is a great deal for Augsburg, and we hope it gets lots of use.

Here is how to read the Chronicle in your office or at home:

1. Go to Lindell Library’s A-Z Databases list, and click on “C”

2. Find the Chronicle of Higher Education and click on its title

This takes you to this location:​


3. If you are on-campus and logged in to AugNet, you should seamlessly be redirected to the Chronicle site

If you are off-campus, you may need first to provide your AugNet username and password.

The site should look something like this:

CHE front page

4. You can put a shortcut on your computer desktop so you can easily add reading this resource to your daily or weekly routine

To do that (on a Windows machine), first copy this into your clipboard:​

Then right-click somewhere on your desktop, choose New > Shortcut, paste the URL into the Location box, click Next, type in the name you’d like to give the shortcut (e.g. CHE), and click Finish.

5. You might also need to create a separate login on the Chronicle Web site

Your AugNet login should be all you need when you are on campus. When you are off-campus, however, you may find yourself locked out of full-text articles. If this happens to you, look for the "Log In" link on the Web site, and follow the directions for the "Create a Free Account" option. As long as you use your e-mail address, it should give you the same access as you get on campus. Plus, you can then set up e-mail alerts, access the Chronicle from the iOS or Android app, and log in directly to from off campus.

This information applies to anyone who has a current AugNet account — faculty, staff, or students

If you have any questions about this or other library subscriptions, please don’t hesitate to ask your friendly librarian. And never, ever pay for online content — if we don’t subscribe to it, we can almost always get it for you through inter-library loan.