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Searching for videos

This is a keyword search of videos (VHS, DVD, and streaming) in Augsburg’s collection. It does not include materials in other CLIC schools’ collections. If you want to include other CLIC schools, uncheck the “Augsburg” facet in the left-hand column of the search results

Streaming videos

Augsburg subscribes to several streaming collections:

  • Films on Demand includes most films from Films for the Humanities and Sciences. You can watch videos online, create playlists, and provide links on your Moodle page. Contact your liaison librarian for help finding or linking to films in this collection.
  • Fitne Nursing Theorists includes video biographies of important nursing theorists.
  • Media Education Foundation includes films for Communications, Sociology, and Women’s Studies.

Video Booking

Curriculum videos (behind the Circulation Desk) can be checked out by faculty/staff for up to one week at a time and by students for 3 days. You may use the booking form below to book videos up to one semester in advance. If you need a video from another CLIC school, please use this form, and we will order the video for you.

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