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Many Voices Project

Each year the Augsburg English Department chooses a common "Many Voices" text for Effective Writing courses -- one that illuminates issues of diversity. Professors, staff, and students across the campus are encouraged to participate in the project.

2010 Many Voices Reading

The Many Voices Project invites you to a dialogue with other minds, people whose experience may be different from (but perhaps also the same as) your own. Part of the dialogue will be with the text itself, as you reflect on it, write about it, and discuss it with other people in class. During 2010-2011, the Many Voices Project features Henry David Thoreau's Walden. Since Thoreau's work is the common text for all ENL 111 sections during the school year, you may find that the dialogue continues outside Effective Writing, perhaps into other classes and beyond.

About Henry David Thoreau

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