Looking for your Library Liaison?

All emails are

  • Mike Bloomberg: Reference, Systems & Circulation Librarian
    Ph: 612-330-1379
    Email: bloomber
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  • Susan Certain: Acquisitions Coordinator
    Ph: 612-330-1011
    Email: certain
  • Stacy Cutinella: Reference & First Year Experience Librarian
    Ph: 612-330-1486
    Email: cutinell
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  • Rebecca Ganzel:  Metadata/Cataloging Librarian
    Ph: 612-330-1779
    Email: ganzel
  • Karen Hogan: Serials Coordinator
    Ph: 612-330-1015
    Email: hogan
  • Boyd Koehler: Reference, Instruction Librarian & Associate Professor of Journalism
    Ph: 612-330-1018
    Email: koehler
  • Ron Kurpiers: Reference & Collection Management Librarian
    Ph: 612-330-1016
    Email: kurpiers
  • Melissa Motl: Circulation Coordinator
    Ph: 612-330-1569
    Email: motl
  • Jane Ann Nelson: Reference & Director of Library Services
    Ph: 612-330-1603
    Email: nelsonj1
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  • Dixie Ohlander: Reference, Electronic Initiatives & Resource Sharing Librarian
    Ph: 612-330-1014
    Email: ohlander
  • Bill Wittenbreer: Reference & Public Services Librarian
    Ph: 612-330-1262
    Email: wittenbr