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“Find it” is a context-sensitive link server and full text retrieval service provided by Lindell Library which allows you to click from a bibliographic citation in a database search result and view a list of all retrieval options and related services for that article, including linking to the online full text when available.

What Services are available?

Depending on the availability of the journal article, you may have any of the following service options:

  • Full Text (for both subscription and Open Access content)
  • Available in Print (check CLICnet to confirm dates are available)
  • We’ll order it for you through Interlibrary Loan
  • Import into reference management tools, such as RefWorks.

Who can use it?

Any patron of Augsburg College using Lindell Library on-site. Members of the Augsburg College community (current faculty, staff, and students) can also use “Find it” off-campus after logging in through Inside Augsburg.

Most services linked from Augsburg’s “Find it” are available only to current Augsburg students, faculty, and staff

Why did I get no full text or more than one link?

Sometimes an article is available from more than one publisher/vendor or full text provider or on more than one platform; you will see multiple full text options when this is the case (Note: volume and year coverage may be different among these various sources). There will not be any full text links when Lindell Library does not have a paid subscription or free access to the article.

You may see an additional full text button in some databases, e.g., “View Full Text”; “View at Publisher”. These are additional options provided by the database vendor that will also take you directly to the full text when available, but are not under the control of Lindell Library and do not offer any additional library-related services.

Getting help

For assistance with using the laptop, network connection problems, or general equipment failure, go to the Learning Commons help desk on the Street Level of the library.

What if full text is not available?

If the full text is not available online, you may request the article from the library using the “Order via interlibrary loan” button on the “Find it” page.

I clicked on a “Article” link, but I only got the journal page

“Find it” will try get you as close to the article level as possible. The journal publisher controls where we are able to link — journal home page, volume, table of contents, or article. In some cases, depending on the structure of the source, you may need to navigate further through the publisher’s web site to get to the specific article.

Where can I get more help?

Click on the “Ask a Librarian” button on the right side of this page.

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