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Center for Wellness and Counseling (CWC)

Augsburg University's Center for Wellness and Counseling offers programs and mental health counseling services to support the health and well-being of Augsburg students.

About Reserves

Want to learn how to meditate? Need to relax before taking a test? To help you tap your inner strengths, the Center for Wellness and Counseling has put a number of resources on reserve.

Libraries use course reserves as a way to set aside materials for students in a particular class. In this case, the "class" is anyone who might have need of support for a healthy learning environment. You can see all the materials that CWC has put on reserve by going to our Course Reserves page and searching for a keyword like wellness.

To access physical items in Lindell Library reserves, you'll need to visit the actual library building. Tell the person at the front desk that you need something that's on reserve, and give them the title. They will check it out to you for the number of weeks specified — 1 week for DVDs and audiobooks, and 6 weeks for books.

Meditation Audiobooks: Guided Mindfulness

Mindful Eating and Body Image

Meditation Audiobooks: HealthJourneys Series

Books on Confidence, Joy, and Forgiveness