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Set Up Choice Reviews Online

This guide is to help faculty members keep up with newly published academic books in their field -- and share what they find with Lindell Library.

How Lindell Library Manages Collection Requests

Downside: Lindell Library's budget is far from limitless. Upside: It is tightly focused on purchasing things that are used by students and faculty in the classroom.

Items that Augsburg faculty members recommend are given priority in collection development. If you find items that you want us to order for the Lindell Library collection, either through Choice Online or by some other means, you can send your suggestions directly to your department's liaison librarian.

Once you've set up and saved a search, Choice makes it relatively easy to save search results to an Excel document that you can send to your liaison.

Create Your List of Items to Request

You can run a search in Choice Online by clicking on the search's name in your My Saved Searches page.

If you see something you'd like the library to order, you need to create a list first.

Do We Need It? Do We Already Have It?

  • First, click on the “expanded” view and check the Summing Up line to make sure it is “Recommended” or higher.
  • Run a quick search in our library catalog (see box above) to make sure we don't already own it.

If you're positive this is something that should be added to the library's collection, check the box by the title.

Repeat for all the items you'd like to recommend for purchase. (It's OK if there is only one.)

Click on the “Create New List” icon toward the top of the page:

create-list icon

Name and describe your list and hit Create:


Anytime you want to find a saved list, look under Lists in the menu bar.


Ask the Library to Order an Item

To send your saved list of recommended items to your liaison, first find it in My Lists. Once you do:

  • Click on the “gear” icon by that list and choose Download List.
  • Follow the instructions to save a file in Microsoft Excel format.
  • On your computer, find the newly created Excel document in whatever folder you save Downloads to. If you like, rename it something that reflects its contents, like “Jane Smith Recommended Science Books Feb 3 2019” — if your name is Jane Smith, you teach in the sciences, and today is February 3, that is.
  • Find your department's library liaison on the Library Staff page, and click on their email address to open a new message to them.
  • Compose a brief friendly email and attach the Excel document to it.

Is This Urgent?

If you need the resource to be added to the collection by a particular date, or you want to put it on reserve for a class, include that information in your email. Your liaison may contact you to get the details.

Your librarians will do their best to accommodate your requests. Do remember that we are limited by budgetary restrictions and guided by an overall collection development policy. If we have any problems or questions, we will contact you.