Original Old Main at Augsburg Seminary in 1872. (Augsburg Achives)

Original Old Main at Augsburg Seminary in 1872. (Augsburg Archives)

Augsburg Digital Archives

We have scanned several collections of our most requested materials and made them available online

  • Augsburgian: The student Yearbook was published from 1916 to 2010. All available years are scanned.
  • Augsburg Echo: The student newspaper has been published since 1898. All available issues are scanned.
  • Alumni Publications: Newspapers and magazines produced by the Alumni Association for Augsburg alumni.
  • Graduate Student Theses: Theses for which we have permission to provide online. All theses can be found in paper in the library
  • Murphy Square: Augsburg’s student-led literary journal of poetry, prose, and the visual arts. Published since 1929 under various names.
  • Class photos: Photos of student organizations, campus events and class pictures at Augsburg College and Seminary from the 1880’s to the 1960’s.
  • Campus photos: Historical photos of the campus and buildings.
  • Lutheran Free Church: The Lutheran Free Church was active from 1897 until it merged with the American Lutheran Church in 1963. Augsburg houses the archives of the LFC. Some of those archives are scanned.
  • Video Archives:  Youtube videos of some of the recordings of campus events.

You can find an overview of the history of Augsburg College in two books that we have scanned and provide online:

Chrislock, C. H. (1969). From fjord to freeway: 100 years, Augsburg College. Minneapolis: Augsburg College.

Nelson, R. C., & Wood, D. (2000). The Anderson chronicles: An intimate portrait of Augsburg College, 1963-1997. Minneapolis, Minn: Kirk House Publishers.

The art that you can see in Lindell Library is a complete set of prints called “The Vinland Suite.” The book accompanying those prints is reproduced here:

Holtsmark, A., Rosseland, J., & Augsburg College. (2000). The Vinland saga. Oslo: J. Rosseland.

Because the College Archives and Special Collections are staffed on a limited basis, assistance is available by appointment only. For assistance, contact Kristin Anderson, College Archivist:

By e-mail:
By telephone: (612) 330-1285

The Archives and Special Collections at Augsburg College include:

  • Information relating to the College’s history
  • Limited information on former faculty, staff and alumni
  • The College’s permanent art collection
  • The Nordic Music Collection

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